Successfully Chaotic

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S5 E05 When things have been falling apart, they may be falling together

November 23, 2021

Maria Daniels speaks with life coach, author and model Ange Alex about becoming undone and the art of letting go. Ange shares how something she thought was a hobby ended up helping her through the loss of her child. She realized she tried to be everything for everyone and forgot to count herself in the process. Ange shares the importance of her current book as well as why she is writing another book, "Selfish." Sharing how we as a people have used this word and how we can redefine it for ourselves. 

Her book, "Unravel - Finding Happiness by Coming Completely Undone" shares a relatable story about becoming oneself and embracing the "mess" for authenticity.
We've come to an age where we no longer feel the need to wear masks of perfection to create a false sense of belonging.
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