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S4 E12 Loss and grief are not stopping points with TEDx Speaker Shanti Schicks

With experiencing the loss of her son Elfin, her ex and her ex's mother, Shanti Schicks visits Maria Daniels to share how going through the journey can lead you to your strength and purpose. 

Through this loss, Shanti has become an author and self love advocate as well as invited to do a TEDx speech on self love. 

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S4 E11 Stepping into your power

Barbra May is a meditation teacher, psychic, energy healer and podcaster. 


In this episode Maria and Barbra discuss podcasting and finding your voice, spirituality, healing, psychic abilities, Jesus as a healer and crystals. 


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S4 E10 The Moist Collective founder Jim Hutton

Jim Hutton is the founder of The Moist Collective.

The Moist Collective crafts wash, oil and butter for beards. 

In this episode, Jim shares why he started his company, branding talk, the importance of being the face of your brand and marketing. 

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S4 E09 If you really want to do something, you will find a way.

Wendy Kok is an author, writer and artist. She is also a cohost of the Juicy Pear Podcast. 

In this episode with Maria, Wendy shares why she became a writer and how she used her experiences of summers at her parents' resort as a child in Northern Wisconsin to influence her books. Wendy shares how important it is to take chances and to keep going despite experiencing setbacks. 

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S4 E08 From Burnout to Balanced

Denise Eckert visits Maria Daniels to discuss burnout and how important it is to manage stress to lead a balanced life. 

Denise specializes in helping women reduce stress and recognize signs of burnout before they end up worse, or hospitalized like she learned from her experience. In this episode, Denise and Maria share signs they experienced from working almost 24 hours a day and the toll it took on their lives. They share ways on how important it is to seek help and focus on small portions of work instead of taking a task head on until completed. 

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S4 E07 Getting to know jazz musician Aubrey Logan

Aubrey Logan is a singer, trombone player and songwriter. With parents as music teachers, Aubrey was exposed to a wide range of artists from Stevie Wonder to Beethoven in her household. 

Aubrey has worked with artists such as Quincy Jones, Burt Bracharach, Josh Groban, and Smokey Robinson just to name a few. 

In this episode, Maria learns about how Aubrey embraced music at a young age, nervousness and stage fright,  chasing perfection, expectations vs reality, and her new single Louboutins 2.0. 


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S4 E06 From Musical Theater to CEO and Sharkpreneur Cohost

Seth Greene visits Maria Daniels on this episode of Successfully Chaotic to discuss how he experienced chaos in his life from taking a huge risk, "Thinking in bets" and how important finding your who is when it comes to marketing. 

Seth is the CEO of Market Domination and co host of the SharkPreneur podcast with Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks from the hit tv show Shark Tank. 

Seth's website can be found here

Seth offered access to his e-book

Listen to The SharkPreneur Podcast with Kevin Harrington & Seth Greene

Books mentioned in this episode:

Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don't Have All The Facts. By Annie Duke

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S4 E05 Passion vs Opportunity

Michael Stein is a self proclaimed "long shot". His family legacy consists of his grandmother and her family escaping the Russian concentration camps at gunpoint on her way to America, his father being a homeless street kid, becoming a millionaire to then lose it all and becoming homeless again. Being born two months premature and being diagnosed with a learning disability. 

Michael visits Maria Daniels on this episode with a discussion of embracing the "middle zone" of chaos, screenplay writing, dealing with self doubt, putting together a documentary (Burn The Boats Coming Soon), his first acting role in "Boogie Nights".

Find even more Michael Stein and his podcast: Long Shot Leaders 

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Book mentioned in this podcast:

The Guide for Every Screenwriter by Geoffrey D. Calhoun 

S4 E04 Simplify and focus

We all have moments where we want to do everything for everyone. Especially when it comes to being a new business owner or even already having a business with great profit. 

Joe Stolte is a business growth coach and tractionologist. He visits Maria today to discuss why it's so important to simplify and focus when it comes to your business. Working with your who is important and being realistic is what makes a business grow and function with integrity. 

Also discussed in this episode, why working with a coach can help you see from another perspective, working on getting the courage to act, working where your heart is, and how messy can also be beautiful. 

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Instagram: @joestoltelive

Website: Joe Stolte


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S4 E03 Raising money for a Non Profit Organization

Maria Daniels is joined with guest Bob Czerwinski of Church Group HELP.

He and his team work with helping non profits (big or small) find the best ways to fundraise/raise money to help others for their cause. 

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