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S06 E03 Stocks, Metaverse, Bitcoin and Investing

The Podcast Mogul, Phil Better and Founder of Banting Court Capital Dalton Rismay join Maria Daniels on Successfully Chaotic to discuss stocks, investing, what is the metaverse, bitcoin and money.
They are 1/2 of the hosts from the Stock Dirty To Me Podcast which airs every Wednesday at 7:30PM ET to discuss the top stocks to invest in and other money matters!
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S06 E02 Demystifying Money and learning from your marathon

Maria Daniels shares this solo episode to ask important questions about our why and bringing meaning into what we do, financially and spiritually. 

Check out earlier episodes if you're new to the show and want to learn more about how Maria started with limited income to become a CEO of her company, Reset Business Consulting. It starts with a start and it's not all about money, it's part of the pie. 

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S06 E01 Let's talk about money with accountant Mary Wollard:

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Rich Roll episode with Lisa Miller Phd:

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S06 E01 Let’s talk about money!

Mary Wollard joins Maria Daniels on today's episode of Successfully Chaotic!
Mary Wollard is the owner of Wollard Accounting LLC in Russellville, Ohio. She visits today to share how to start budgeting, and saving and how she started her own business. 
Mary has a bachelor's degree in Accounting and has over 15 years of experience.
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S5 E09 Boundaries and mPowerment from a high school music teacher

After 34 years of being a high school music teacher, Lesley Moffat visits Maria Daniels to share her experiences of what she learned from teaching, losing a dear friend, and developing the mpower method to help women learn how important it is to maintain self care no matter how demanding their lives are. 

Lesley shares moments of the chaos she experienced from going through multiple surgeries, to dealing with loss and stress, how she authored multiple books about what she learned, and her mission to help others not have to go through what she did, and to better manage their lives with awareness and boundaries. 

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S5 E08 Mindfulness moments and permission to pause

Barbara J. Faison joins Maria Daniels on Successfully Chaotic!
Barbara J. Faison is a meditation mixologist and guide, content creator, and professional voice talent who shares practical ways to help you struggle less and enjoy life more.
She is also the author of the book, Why Struggle? life is too
short to wear tight shoes, and over 600 meditations and affirmations to help you through life.
Barbara has hosted a daily online LIVE meditation practice on Facebook since 8/2018 called a Slice of Silence. She uses oracle cards to guide her meditation practice. Her new card deck, Relax, Listen, and Trust your Inner Guidance is now available at
Barbara believes her mission is to use her voice to heal, educate, and inspire. You can follow her on Social Media in the following places -
Barbara Faison joined us for a #LIVE episode of Successfully Chaotic. (Catch the #replay on on our #Facebook Page)
She is amazing and we became instant #bestiesforlife.
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S5 E07 Creating an unbreakable routine as an entrepreneur

Erik Allen is a podcaster, family man, father, MMA enthusiast, 9-5'er and entrepreneur. In this episode he shares with Maria how we balances his responsibilities, wakes up at 4:00am 365 days a year, the importance of his faith in his purpose and how he won a coaching call with Ed Mylett. He shares a bit of his back story coming from a home filled with chaos and how the chaos brought him down a path of destruction. Erik shares how he was invited to a group to help him change which eventually led him to meeting his wife. 

Erik hosts the Erik Allen show and Top Rated MMA podcast. 

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S5 E06 Communication: Autism tips and resources for new and seasoned parents

Tammi Schneider is an autism advocate and coach for parents. She specializes in helping parents learn the tools she picked up along the way that helped her in times of chaos during the first years of her son's diagnosis. 

Tammi shares with Maria how her knowledge came as a product from the difficulty she experienced when trying to understand and communicate with her son. With some understanding, patience and help from her son's teachers, she was able to learn that it was necessary to have clear and constant expectations and create a space that was very black and white. 

Tammi has teaching tools, as well as games for parents and has written several books that parents can use to create a more understanding space and to learn their child's communication style. In this episode, Maria and Tammi share their experiences of the "turning point of frustration" in being a parent with a child on spectrum. 


Tammi has several resources available to help parents that you can find below! 


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S5 E05 When things have been falling apart, they may be falling together

Maria Daniels speaks with life coach, author and model Ange Alex about becoming undone and the art of letting go. Ange shares how something she thought was a hobby ended up helping her through the loss of her child. She realized she tried to be everything for everyone and forgot to count herself in the process. Ange shares the importance of her current book as well as why she is writing another book, "Selfish." Sharing how we as a people have used this word and how we can redefine it for ourselves. 

Her book, "Unravel - Finding Happiness by Coming Completely Undone" shares a relatable story about becoming oneself and embracing the "mess" for authenticity.
We've come to an age where we no longer feel the need to wear masks of perfection to create a false sense of belonging.
Ange can be found online here:
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S5 E04 Scaling Methodically and marketing your business

In this episode, Maria Daniels is joined with David M Somerfleck, a digital marketing specialist. Daivd shares how marketing and business is related to your personal journey.

David is a a digital marketing specialist and author. He's been in marketing for over 20 years! David helps committed business owners and premium service providers expand into new markets while getting more done in less time!

In this episode, David will share the chaos he experienced balancing multiple careers from being a copywriter to a web developer and a project manager.

As well as the importance of providing value to your customers and helping business owners become aware of the growth the is there for them.


A message from David:

"Growth is there for you, as easily to obtain as a grape from a tree, but it's the need for control, to appease fears and insecurities, to withhold, fear of success, and largely lack of information that makes businesses fail, not circumstances, not the economy, not even pandemics."


David’s Website :


Link to David’s book: “The Road to Digital Marketing Profits: A new way for getting real results faster and easier - while avoiding common road blocks and detours business owners make.”


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S5 E03 Wellness, Energy and Alternative Medicine

Maria takes a journey down the wellness sector with Avital Miller. For over fifteen years Avital has been serving thousands of people worldwide as an award-winning international keynote speaker, neuro linguistic programming practitioner, healing breakthrough facilitator, and global dancer.
Her leadership background includes working as a program manager at Microsoft, lead coach for Success Resources America, sales and marketing director for Crystal Clarity Publishers, yoga and fitness teacher trainer, fitness director, and ordained minister.
In this episode, Maria and Avital discuss alternative medicine, her experience with hyperthyroidism and how this lead her on her wellness journey and being an active participant in her healt and wellness, sound therapy and emotions as energy. 
Avital has a podcast called Healing Happens that you can find here:
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