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S5 E06 Communication: Autism tips and resources for new and seasoned parents

November 30, 2021

Tammi Schneider is an autism advocate and coach for parents. She specializes in helping parents learn the tools she picked up along the way that helped her in times of chaos during the first years of her son's diagnosis. 

Tammi shares with Maria how her knowledge came as a product from the difficulty she experienced when trying to understand and communicate with her son. With some understanding, patience and help from her son's teachers, she was able to learn that it was necessary to have clear and constant expectations and create a space that was very black and white. 

Tammi has teaching tools, as well as games for parents and has written several books that parents can use to create a more understanding space and to learn their child's communication style. In this episode, Maria and Tammi share their experiences of the "turning point of frustration" in being a parent with a child on spectrum. 


Tammi has several resources available to help parents that you can find below! 


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