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S4 E05 Passion vs Opportunity

Michael Stein is a self proclaimed "long shot". His family legacy consists of his grandmother and her family escaping the Russian concentration camps at gunpoint on her way to America, his father being a homeless street kid, becoming a millionaire to then lose it all and becoming homeless again. Being born two months premature and being diagnosed with a learning disability. 

Michael visits Maria Daniels on this episode with a discussion of embracing the "middle zone" of chaos, screenplay writing, dealing with self doubt, putting together a documentary (Burn The Boats Coming Soon), his first acting role in "Boogie Nights".

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Book mentioned in this podcast:

The Guide for Every Screenwriter by Geoffrey D. Calhoun 

S4 E04 Simplify and focus

We all have moments where we want to do everything for everyone. Especially when it comes to being a new business owner or even already having a business with great profit. 

Joe Stolte is a business growth coach and tractionologist. He visits Maria today to discuss why it's so important to simplify and focus when it comes to your business. Working with your who is important and being realistic is what makes a business grow and function with integrity. 

Also discussed in this episode, why working with a coach can help you see from another perspective, working on getting the courage to act, working where your heart is, and how messy can also be beautiful. 

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His book:

Instagram: @joestoltelive

Website: Joe Stolte


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S4 E03 Raising money for a Non Profit Organization

Maria Daniels is joined with guest Bob Czerwinski of Church Group HELP.

He and his team work with helping non profits (big or small) find the best ways to fundraise/raise money to help others for their cause. 

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S4 E02 Perfection is not a requirement for growth

Eb Sanders is a career coach that specializes in helping creative types find their niche and take result driven action to reach their goals. 

In this episode, Maria and Eb discuss how perfection is not necessary for growth, how everyone can benefit from a career coach and how she found her niche after leaving her career of 12 years as a college professor. 

Eb provides FREE tools to use to help creatives on their career path here

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S4 E01 People Pleasing, Introverted Extrovert and Success

Michael Brian McDonnell is an author, podcaster and coach. He as written a best selling book titled, "My Introvert Journey To Being Visible" and is also the founder and host of "The Ask Mike Show."

In this episode, Michael and Maria discuss elements of being an introvert, people pleasing and being successfully chaotic. 

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S3 E21 Bringing stories back to life

Mack Griffin (Maccabee Griffin) is a voice over actor. He has worked on numerous projects and currently is a part of The Memory Collective.

Mack medically retired from the US Army and eventually got his degree in Supply Chain Management. He later then moved into a career of voice over work after a friend mentioned why he should focus his time on being a part of something that make him happy. 

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S3 E20 Podcasting, Special Needs and Autism

Sam Mitchell is a teenager living with autism. On this episode he's joined with his mother Gina, sharing how he started his podcast, why his voice is important in the podcasting community and releasing the stigma of what it means to have special needs. 

Sam's podcast is called Autism Rocks and Rolls.

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S3 E19 People First, Profit Second

Johnny Anton teaches coaches, consultants and experts how to have a more humanistic approach when connecting with clients. 

Johnny gained this skill by conquering a tough moment in his past at a young age. 

Johnny is an example of growing through what you go through. 

In this episode, he shares a moment that shaped him, how he conquered it and how important it is to focus on people first and profit second.  

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S3 E18 Entrepreneurship, When to Barter and Culture

Phil Better (Philip Lemieux) is a podcast mogul that helps entrepreneurs get a Top 10 Podcast when they launch. 

Phil hosts The Digital Entrepreneur Podcast

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S3 E17 Special Abilities Parenting, Acting and ADHD

Charli Marie is a parent that happens to have ADHD and has also shares her story about parenting a special needs child. 

Charli's Patreon has helpful tips on being a single parent, ADHD, Autism and how to balance this while maintaining a 4.0 GPA as well as being a successful actor. 

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